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2015 Donations: $50
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Yearly cost for this site: $48.50

  April 16

A whole lot of stuff has happened recently.. some good, some bad.
  • Both my and my wife's PC's broke down within 2 weeks of eachother. We now have brand new computers, and were able to recover most of our files, but it really put me behind on model development.
  • My wife and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary at Busch Gardens. I can scarecly believe it's been so long since our wedding.
  • I am currently sick with the flu. It sucks. A lot.
  • My brother and two of my cousins had kids.
  • I had to put in a bunch of overtime at work because some people didn't think it was necessary to tell me how to properly format some data.

In other news, I updated the "FAQ" page to provide some guidelines for people who want to modify the models on this site for other games (for example, making them larger for Fantasy Flight's "X-Wing" game, or tweaking the textures so that you can have starfighter squadrons in a variety of colors).

  February 16

A very special "Thanks" goes out to Timothy for his donation... throughout 2015, this site is brought to you by his generosity!

  February 2

There's a new model on the "Aliens" page, and it's a big one... enjoy!

  January 14

Some of you may notice that some of the models now say "mirror download from DeviantArt" under the download link. That's a temporary redirect to my DeviantArt page until I can figure out what to do about my monthly bandwidth problem. Some people have suggested that I should switch to a blog, but I really like the look and layout of my current site. So... I dunno. I'm trying this with a few models, and we'll see how if it pans out.

  November 11

Another of my old models has been updated. Head over to the Star Wars Character Scale page for a brand new version of the Speederbike! The old model from 2003 has been retired.

  October 20

Special thanks go out to Bob for his donation - the 2014 operating costs for this site have been fully paid for!

  October 13

Upsilonman has created a Z-95 Headhunter to go along with TIE Phantom and Defender in the Fantasy Flight game. You can download a copy from the "mercenaries" section of the "Star Wars: Starfighter Scale" page.

  September 10

Thank you, Jimmy, for your donation! Another $5.80, and I'll be set for 2014 (after which point, my hosting cost goes up, and I doubt I will be able to rely on donations). Those of you who do not have adblockers may have noticed that I put a couple of ads on my site... we'll see how that goes. I don't really like putting ads on my site, but I like paying for the site even less, so that's pretty much that. :) I will adding more ads and switching out ones that don't generate any traffic over the next few months. If you see any that you absolutely hate, please let me know so I can replace it with something else (also, let me know why you hate it so I can avoid putting up similar ads in the future).

  September 10

I've added a Probe Droid model to the "Star Wars Character Scale" page. And before anyone says it, I know it's not "movie accurate"... I took some artistic license so that the model would be easier to construct. :)

  August 20

I'm afraid I have some bad news... my webhost is upping the price of their cheapest hosting plan. This means that I will actually have to pay them for their services (as in I can't get it for free anymore). Of course, Doteasy has been really good to me over the years, so I'll gladly pay. I've raised the "Yearly cost for this site" amount listed above to a pro-rated $32.80, and after December it will go up to $48.50 ($1.95 per month for hosting + $25 per year for domain registry). If anyone would like to help me pay this off, there's a Paypal donation button at the top of this page. But rest assured that this site will remain available either way.

Tracy and I bought our first big-screen TV recently (which also happened to be our first digital TV, our first high-definition TV, and our first flat-screen TV), and we had to completely redesign our living room to accomodate it. Now, when I walk into the room, I feel a pang for my missing TV cabinet... until I turn on the TV and see that awesome picture! I haven't played any Playstation games on it yet, but I'm totally looking forward to the experience!

We also visited Big Cat Rescue earlier in the month. Definitely a very interesting trip. I just cannot get over how many rich people think it's a good idea to get a lion or tiger, keep it in their basement in deplorable conditions and then abandon it when they get bored. I simply have no words to describe it.

  July 28

Eid Mubarik, everyone!

I've posted some additional 2-D Star Wars paper minis. I think they look great (the thumbnails really don't do them justice). Too bad it's so hard to find good pictures of Star Wars characters from behind.

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