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  July 20

I've posted some new 2-D paper minis on the Star Wars Character Scale page. These new ones are SOOOOOOO much better than my older attempts, as they include a front and a back. They're also SOOOOOOO much harder to make (it's hard to find front and back pictures of a character in the same pose), so I probably won't be able to make many of them.

  June 16

FINALLY! That blasted POwer Loader miniature I procmised you guys back in January is done. You'll find it on the "Aliens" page, but be warned - it's a royal pain in the behind to assemble. I'm also removing the old "Heavy Lifter Droid" model from the Star Wars character-scale page... it was an early attempt at getting something resembling the Aliens Power Loader, and I was never really happy with it.

I've also removed the "Shadowrun" link from the left-hand side... there really wasn't a whole lot there anyway. I'll put it back if I ever come up with some new content for that game.

In other news, Tracy and I have moved to a new apartment. If any of our close friends didn't get our new address / phone number, please use the "feedback" link to the left.

  April 30

Upsilonman sent me a copy of his TIE Defender and TIE Phatom models that he made for the "Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game" by Fantasy Flight Games. Head over to the "starfighter scale" site and then click on the "Galactic Empire" link to download a copy!

  April 7

Honestly, I have no idea why I get so many downloads for the old SW:SBG paper minis (I can't even remember what "SBG" stood for..."Stratgeic Battle Game" maybe?) I strongly suspect that someone posted direct links to the files, because the number of hits I get on them are greater than the number of hits for the Star Wars 2D page (which is where you're supposed to download the file from). So that means that either I've got people making direct links or else someone is going to that site, displaying the PDF file in their browser, and constantly hitting the "refresh" button!

At any rate, all that should stop immediately, as I killed the "miniimperials.pdf" file.... you'll find a squad of Stormtroopers has been added to the "" set instead. Hopefully, that should help reduce the bandwidth (the old files were terribly, terribly inefficient... the current Imperials set takes up a quarter of the space at only 566KB).

If you are one of those people who downloaded "miniimperials.pdf" every other day, please drop me a line and let me know why. I would really like to know! :)

  March 13

A special "Thanks" goes out to Nathan, whose donation has paid for the remaining 2014 upkeep for this site!

If you look over to the left, you'll see a new "Aliens" button. It doesn't contain any new content yet; it's basically just a place-holder for some upcoming models.

I've also decided to remove the "Shadowrun" button, since there's hardly any content on that page... that will probably be the next update. It's a shame - I love the Shadowrun world, but the game mechanics are too clunky and I haven't played it in many, many years.

  February 22

Tracy and I went to see American Hustle the other day. It's the first time in years we've actually gone to a movie theater (inconsiderate crowds, filthy venues and insanely overpriced tickets have taught us to enjoy watching movies at home), and I have to say that we thoroughly enjoyed the film.

I made some minor tweaks to the Star Wars Tactical Battles rules, but I'm sorry to say I don't really have anything else to offer right now. Work has been rather hectic, and I'm finding it a challenge to get motivated at home.

  January 15

A very special "THANK YOU" to Dan, for giving a donation that covers 80% of this site's 2014 maintenance cost!

Happy New Year's everybody! For this year's resolution, I've decided to try creating an initial product line for some models I can actually sell. Like for real moneys and stuff. They won't be hosted here (no way in heck am I going to invite that lawsuit), and I have no idea how long it takes to get an online business setup (don't want to start until the product line is ready), but I'm still pretty excited about the prospect.

This site will remain up, and I still have lots of plans for more free stuff to be added ( this, for example), so don't worry about where you'll get your Star Wars / Robotech / Transformer paper minis!

  December 22

Happy Halloween, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.... I guess it's been a while since I've last posted, huh?

I would like to say that my silence has been because things have been busy at work, but the truth is that I've been wasting a lot of time in Azeroth. I downloaded Warcraft 3 and played it a bunch, and then went back to World of Warcraft and was absolutely amazed at how much the game had changed (I quit around the time Cataclysm was coming out). It is SUCH a better game now! And understanding the back-story from Warcraft 3 makes it that much more enjoyable.

Tracy and I also went to see the Improved Shakespeare Company again. And once again, I was blown away with how funny those guys are. Go see these guys if you get a chance!

I've got a couple of models that are either really close to being finished or that I need to start over from scratch... I haven't quite decided which. Since all the papercraft on this site is intended for gaming use, there's a balance that needs to be struck between being easy to make, nice to look at and sturdy enough to play with. Sometimes one gets sacrificed for the others. The model I'm working on right now looks pretty close to what you see in the movies, but I'm trying to figure out a way to make it sturdier / easier to assemble (it's a pain in the butt to assemble and has 2 really weak joints). Oh well.

  October 1

There's a new model in the Star Wars Starfighter-scale page... a desert skiff. To be honest, I don't think I've ever really needed or wanted a skiff miniature, but it's there for those of you who do.

Tracy and I visited the zoo not long ago. It was a nice distraction, and I was amazed at how many animals I didn't recognize. When I was a child, I used to memorize the names of countless species and used to watch nature discoveries constantly. This trip made me feel a bit like a dummy, but it also allowed me to recapture that sense of wonder and awe.

I caught the first half of the "Agents of Shield" pilot, and I have to say it... I am not a fan. The plot was thin and confused, the characters were annoying and acted unbelievably stupidly. I love comic books as much as the next geek, but one needs to be careful when adapting one to live-action video; it has a tendency to highlight the worst aspects of the genre. If you ask me, "Agents of SHIELD" should have been about a secret government organization (meaning get rid of all the logos on the cars they frive around) tackling the terrorist group Hydra. I wthink it would have played out much better as a dark and gritty "GI Joe".